Albanian Financial Management Information System (AFMIS)

The scope of integrated Albanian Financial Management Information System (AFMIS) is to maximize the efficiency and transparency of budget planning, execution, and reporting.

The AFMIS Working Group was established in May 2016 to supervise the implementation of AFMIS, EAMIS, and IPSIS solutions, coordination of project activities, and strengthening of internal capacity. The NAIS appointed dedicated technical specialists to support the MoFE, DDFFA, and DoPA teams, and is hosting existing systems in the national data center. NAIS is also providing network connectivity to all line ministries and agencies through GovNet platform.

Key business priorities of AFMIS are:

  • Linking strategic planning and budgeting
  • Improving the medium-term planning and budget preparation process
  • Strengthening programme budgeting
  • Improving selection, planning, funding and management of public investments
  • Monitoring the performance of programmes and investment projects according to financial and non-financial indicators
  • Evaluating projects’ efficiency and effectiveness
  • Sharing of budget and project information among all stakeholders
  • Introducing a flexible multi-dimensional reporting system with analytical tools
  • Based on this improved access to data, project implementing institutions shall be assigned more responsibility for the project implementation process from identification to execution and monitoring


AFMIS Interfaces

Another core team will be responsible for maintaining the reliable and secure data exchange through a number of interfaces developed for the interconnectivity of AFMIS modules (MTBP, PIM, BPPM), as well as the linkages with existing/new PFM systems (AGFIS, EAMIS, IPSIS, HRMIS/Payroll, and other government systems). The team will include functional experts trained on interfaces, web services (Application Program Interfaces), and data exchange protocols. There will be a Team Lead reporting to the Head of AFMIS Unit regularly (weekly or more frequently) on the activities of the core team.

The following interfaces are currently included in integrated AFMIS data model:

  • Interface with existing Albanian Government Financial. Information System (AGFIS).
  • Interface with External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS).
  • Interface with IPS Information System (IPSIS).
  • Interface with Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) and Payroll system.
  • Interfaces with Tax (GDT), Customs, Public Procurement (PPA) and other government systems.