External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS)

External Assistance Management Information System (EAMIS) is a critical component of the Integrated Planning System (IPS) for the Government of Albania and will support key business functions in the MFE and manage all aspects of development financing.

Key Business Priorities of the Beneficiary are:

  • Modernize the management of development finance with new models
  • Bring in change while implementing a nationwide information systems
  • Create a network of partners among government ministries, local government, donors, private investors that integrates systems, people & processes
  • Consolidate & integrate processes from planning to delivery for strategic development programs in one integrated system with obligatory process steps
  • Strengthen Strategy formulation & monitoring with systematic work
  • Facility for an integrated resource center for strategic programs for donors, investors and government
  • Monitor EU Assistance through pre-approved standardized reports
  • Comprehensive picture of Development Programming & Financing including all sources of funding from Donors, Public and Private Investments, Regional Development Funding investments
  • Reduce wasteful processes by connecting the dots from planning to delivery
  • Transparency for Development Programs with Government, Line Ministry, Donors, Citizens

The system will serve as one stop shop for foreign – funded investments in Albania.

EAMIS records and retains information on projects according to the following categorization:

  • Projects financed by Foreign Aid
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI)
  • Concessions / PPPs